Antheion Forest Honey and Thyme

Within Greece, Kefalonia has always been one of the better known regions for producing excellent Thyme honey.  Its summers are extremely dry, and being the largest island in the Ionian Sea, it has several large mountain ranges that create an expansive unique environment that only serves to intensify the honey's complex aroma and flavor. 

Unique and Delicious
Antheion Forest Honey and Thyme, much like other Greek honeys harvested in summer from mountain locations, has a well balanced forest and herbal flavor that pairs well with greek yogurt, roasted vegetables, and different cheeses.  It is also a thick honey, with a unique complexity derived from the Fir Tree honeydew from the nearby slopes of Mount Ainos, the tallest mountain in Kefalonia with its famous fir tree forest. 
Beeyard in Fragata, Kefalonia
Beekeeping for Forest Honey and Thyme

To produce this unique honey, the Bees are moved to the mountains of the island of Kefalonia, closer to Mount Ainos, the largest mountain of Kefalonia, where the Thyme plant as well as other herbs and fir trees grow in abundance and bloom or give honeydew.  The special environment and time of year gives this honey a uniqueness rarely found anywhere else.  The fir tree flow is not consistent year to year, thus this honey is indeed a rarity.

Health Benefits

The health benefits of Thyme honey have been known since ancient times.  Much like Manuka honey, Thyme honey has excellent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.  Furthermore, it is also commonly used to treat sore throats.  Although research is ongoing, some studies have shown that Thyme honey also has a negative effect on certain cancers.


In general, a diet that substitutes honey for table sugar has been shown to increase disease fighting antioxidants in the blood. 


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Antheion Forest Honey and Thyme