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Antheion Koroneiki from Olympia  2018-2019

Antheion Koroneiki from Olympia is our 2018-2019 Extra Virgin Olive Oil offering.  The 2018-2019 harvest was generally a difficult one in Greece and my own olives suffered during a warm spell in late October - early November which caused olive fly damage to many olives.  

In response to this, I carefully created a list of other olive oil producers in Greece and sampled many of their available Koroneiki oils, each with their own unique flavor profiles due to their microclimates.  The final oil is the one you see here.

I did this in order to bottle the best oil I could find and better serve my customers with premium quality.

There were fewer Greek entries at the New York International Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC) this year, and even fewer winners than the previous year.  I'm proud to have worked with the Papadopoulos Olive Mill in Olympia, Greece, to create this unique Koroneiki extra virgin olive oil.  

Antheion Greek Extr Virgin Olive Oil

Antheion 2018-2019 Koroneiki is an early harvest,  medium to delicate EVOO with very green flavors. Notes include green fruit, green pepper and arugula.

Around the time I was sampling olive oils, I was cutting some Granny Smith apples to snack on.  To me, the aroma of the apples reminded me of this particular oil and I immediately knew at that moment that this was the oil for Antheion; that this would be a winning oil.

Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2017-2018
Antheion EVOO

Antheion Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced by selecting the best Koroneiki olive trees of the season, whose early harvest meets certain criteria.  Thus, it truly is a limited production, and organoleptic taste test results from experts confirm the high quality of this EVOO.  It is a delicate fruity EVOO with balanced pungency and bitterness indicative of  high quality Koroneiki EVOO.

Unique Village Environment

The terroir of these olive trees here in Kefalonia is a far cry from the commonly seen big business Agro-Industrial environments commonly seen elsewhere in the Mediterranean.  Rather, it is a hilly village environment, peppered with small to medium olive groves in various terrains, with a rich diversity of wildlife, livestock, native plants and trees, vineyards, as well as cultivated trees such as citrus and almonds.  I believe that this diversity of flora and fauna lends a unique flavor to this olive oil that can not be replicated in large scale farming environments.


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