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Konstantin Nikolas Kokkolis, born and raised in the U.S., has had a varied career background.  Legally educated with over a decade experience in Sales and Marketing, Konstantin moved to Greece in 2010 after many years of working in a U.S. corporate environment. 


After spending over six years growing his bee yard, learning olive cultivation in the centuries old village of Kokolata, which is named after his family, and constantly refining his artisanal farming techniques, he decided it was time to proceed with creating a brand that reflected the premium quality of the honey, olive oil, other foods, teas, and spices that are often found in Greece.    

"Antheion is the culmination of many years of hard work out in the Kefalonian countryside.  My intention was and always is on focusing on quality and to live the lifestyle and experience the dedicated work required of year-round artisanal farming.  This, in my view, is necessary in order to both personally produce and identify the highest quality foods this Mediterranean country can offer.  Learning to produce award-winning premium quality foods has helped me to also find and meet other similar producers.  Passion and perseverance are key to this success.  I feel confident that my products will surpass your expectations."


  • Konstantin Nikolas Kokkolis


Kokkolis Estate

Kokolata, Kefalonia



Owner/Producer:  Konstantin Nikolas Kokkolis

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